• The Players:
    Peter Winograd, Anna Lim, Michelle Djokic, Mark Kossower, David Cerruti
  • Winter Gala 2015
    with Anna Polonsky and Orion Weiss
  • From Buenos Aires With Love
    J.P. Jofre on Bandoneon and Nick Danielson on violin
  • On Cello:
    Michelle Djokic
  • Notable Encounter I
    with Toby Appel and Michelle Djokic
  • Special Guests
    We were honored to have students from Foundations Academy Charter School in Trenton NJ at our February concert
  • The Players:
    Scott Yoo and Kristin Lee
  • The Players:
    Charles Abramovic, Yoon Kwon, Michelle Djokic
  • The Players:
    Frank Huang, Charles Abramovic, Michelle Djokic
  • The Players:
    Carmit Zori, Michelle Djokic, Robert Rinehart
  • The Players:
    Carmit Zori, Charles Abramovic, Michelle Djokic
  • The Players:
    Scott Yoo, Kristin Lee, John Novacek and Michelle Djokic

2015-16 Subscription Series

Join us for an exciting new season!

Concordia Chamber Players was founded in 1997 in New Hope, PA. Since that time our audience has come to expect and relish in witnessing the great masterpieces of the chamber music repertoire, spanning all centuries, performed by our stellar list of guests artists in the intimate setting unique to bucolic Bucks County. Founder and Artistic Director, Michelle Djokic, endeavors to unveil some lesser known gems while presenting compositions we have all come to treasure in a setting that welcomes both the ardent devotee and those who are just embarking on the discovery of all the wealth of witnessing live chamber music. Michelle and her colleagues bask in the warmth of Bucks County and welcome the opportunity to escape the big city for the intimacy and charm of New Hope. Discover the depth of talent of the Concordia family of musicians, from the veteran to the young protégées in the forum of witnessing the treasured masterpieces and the excitement of discovering a lesser known work. Browse our web site for more information on special events and ticket information.